School of Music Auditions

    Every student must be accepted by both the university for general admission and the School of Music in order to pursue a degree. This two-part procedure requires both an NIU application and a School of Music application. A successful audition/interview* is required for admission as a music major to all undergraduate programs and most graduate programs. While you may declare yourself as a music major when applying to the university, you will not achieve that status until you have auditioned and been formally accepted (in writing) by the School of Music.  Please contact Brigid Findley (Crawford) at to schedule a virtual audition or interview.

    Spring applicants should contact Brigid Findley (Crawford) at to schedule their audition. Applicants must submit all application materials and complete an audition/interview prior to the December 1 Spring application deadline.

    The priority deadline for Fall applicants to submit all application materials and complete an audition or interview is Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

    Following February 23, applications and auditions will be reviewed as there is space available in studios or until June 15. Please contact Brigid Findley (Crawford) at regarding appropriate next steps in the application and audition process.

    *If your travel situation makes it impossible to be present for a live audition, you may submit a video audition with prior approval from the Admissions Coordinator. Video submissions must not be edited or enhanced to change the quality of the audition. If the video submitted is suspected of being edited or enhanced, you will be asked to submit a new audition

    The School of Music reserves the right to change the format of auditions, in accordance with University, local, state, and federal guidelines and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all parties.


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